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November 02, 2009

Import a Content Type in Drupal 6

One of the advantages of Drupal is the ease with which you can avoid reinventing the wheel. For example, the LTER folks have created the following Content Types in Drupal:

Data Set - Title, abstracts, geo-temporal references are all part of the basics of a metadata collection
Data File - links to a csv/txt file and includes basic header information
Variable - describes the unites of measurement behind a Data File
Person - Name, contact info, etc.
Research Sites - Places where research is done
Research Project - with project title and abstract

Things to consider:

You can only import fields that do not already exist.

You need the Content Copy module in CCK. Go to Administer > Site Building > Modules > CCK > Click Content Copy > Save. See this entry for more on adding a module.

1) Administer > Content Management > Content Types > Import

2) Content Type: Create Content

3) Copy contents from the exported Content Type you received from your benefactor into the text square and press import.

4) Fail!

leaf graphic
(Right Click > View image for full size.)

The import did not go through because I did not have all of the correct Modules enabled. Note, if the sharing of custom content types is to become widespread we will need sufficient module documentation.

Enable FieldGroup under the CCK Module and reimport:

leaf graphic

5) Go to Administer > Content Management > Content Types to view the Data Set content type. It is there but I'm missing some fields because I don't have all of the modules enabled.

leaf graphic

To fix:
Administer > Site Building > Modules > Date/Time > Date Popup > Save

Posted by kkwaiser at November 2, 2009 01:02 PM


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