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November 16, 2009

Work with Excel sheets in R

Documentation of the mundane follows...

I am going to reformat one of our larger datasets, the Welch-Eggleton limnological dataset for South Fishtail Bay that spans from 1913-1950 with temperature, dissolved oxygen and more variables measured.

Good things to know thus far:

Using the R stats package, the xlsReadWrite package can import the worksheets from an Excel file. Use the read.xls command.

The dataTimeToStr routine documented here is useful for getting the Excel date/time number (4970??) into an actual date. Another reason not to use Excel, you need a special function to read dates.

Also, I am using Notepad++ to write scripts and downloaded this .exe file to tell Notepad++ about the R syntax.

Posted by kkwaiser at November 16, 2009 03:45 PM


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