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December 10, 2009

Exploring Drupal

Spent a good part of the day trying to figure out what all is possible in Drupal. Here are some tidbits that deserve a follow-up at some point:


This post is by a taxonomist who is also a Drupal user. He goes over creating a biological taxonomy using the Drupal taxonomy. At first blush, it seems that the taxonomy capabilities combined with the taxonomy image module might offer a solution for our herbarium samples. Unfortunately, it seems a given taxonomic character could only be associated with 1 image.

Reconciling Data File and Variable

This page outlines how to create multiple nodes of different content types from one submission. I highlight it because we may be able to use it when creating a data file. Basically, you would enter the information for the variable at the same time and, although different content types would be created, it would be fairly seamless. Better usability there.

Here is a nice video about Drupal taxonomy. The last minute or so breezes through a few, potentially useful modules that leverage taxonomy. A comment on the same gives good resources for the Context module (see below.)

It is worth looking into features, spaces, context and panels 2 in Drupal. Within these modules is a great way to increase connectivity within the website. Context and Panels2 seem a bit redundant and I am not sure which is better to use. The whole idea of spaces is strange (surprising given the self-evident name.)


Another good video from GotDrupal. The Rules module will be useful to enforce our data access policy. We will be able to set up a rule that says, when a user tries to download a data file, re-direct the user to the policy page where they can either agree to the terms (and then download) or not. This buttons module may also be helpful.

Web services
If I can figure out how to leverage web services my life will be made much simpler and our website much better. Specifically, how to handle the copious amount of species-related information at the Biological Station.

These modules are in someway related to web services and Drupal:

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