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January 05, 2010

Configure arguments in the Views module I

One of the over-arching goals of building a new website is to leverage connections that exist among Biological Station resources. This will manifest as suggested 'related content' boxes that populate dynamically when visitors browse our website. For example, if a user browsed to a page that described one of our researchers then the right column of that page might populate with links to data sets that researcher has developed.

Researcher -> Dataset, in other words.

I believe the most efficient way to accomplish this is to build database views that use the Node Reference or the Node Referrer modules.

Here are a few useful resources that I've located:

- Writing php code for arguments
- Using Views arguments to populate blocks
- A GotDrupal.com video on the use of arguments to limit material to particular users.
- Several examples of using php code with node references.

To be expanded, no doubt.

Posted by kkwaiser at January 5, 2010 09:30 AM


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