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February 11, 2010

Automatically creating nodes

One of the bigger usability issues I've run into when creating a content type - say, Research Project - that references another content type - say, Person - is that the person may not be created yet.

Instead of having to stop everything, go create the person and then return to the research project to reference that person there is a better way. These modules allow you to create nodes of a different content type from within a referencing content type.

Node reference create allows you to create a node reference field within a content type and, when entering data into that field, if the referenced content type doesn't exist, it will be created. Of course, the newly created node only has a title (no phone number or address, for example) and you will want to add more information to the newly created person, but this module reduces the total number of clicks needed. Cool.

Autocreate node reference is similar but instead of simply creating a node with a title, it allows the user to specify a template, thereby creating a more complete node. I think...I haven't tried this one.

Posted by kkwaiser at February 11, 2010 08:27 AM


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