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February 22, 2010

Mapping EndNote to RIS

I exported the same bibliographic entrees from EndNote into the Endnote tagged format and the RIS tagged format. I then mapped them 1:1 and noted inconsistencies as they arose.

Part of the reason I did this is because when you import one these tagged documents into different bibliographic software (e.g., EndNote, Refworks, ProCite) the outcome is different. Some fields are smashed together and others seem to be lost!

It's worth noting that this is how EndNote maps to RIS and not how ProCite or Refworks would map to RIS.

Endnote to RIS
%0 to TY -> Indicates Reference Type
%A to AU -> Indicates Author
%E to A2 -> Indicates Editor
%D to PY -> Indicates Year
%T to TI -> Indicates Title
%! to ST -> Indicates Short Title
%J to T2 -> Indicates Journal
%B to T2 -> Indicates Book Title
%V to VL -> Indicates Volume, Degree
%N to M1 -> Indicates Issue (should be IS in RIS)
%P to SP -> Indicates page number
%8 to DA -> Indicates Date
%@ to SN -> Indicates ISSN
%R to DO -> Indicates DOI
%M to AN -> Indicates Accession Number
%F to LB -> Indicates Lable
%K to KW -> Indicates Keyword
%X to AB -> Indicates Abstract (note: may also be N2 in RIS specs)
%Z to N1 -> Indicates Notes
%< to RN -> Indicates Research Notes (doesn't appear to be defined in RIS specifications?)
%U to UR -> Indicates URL
NaN to ID -> Indicates an ID number, not included in Endnote format
%I to PB -> Indicates Publisher
%C to CI -> Indicates City
%& to SE -> Indicates Chapter


This website is a good resource. It lists and defines the EndNote tagging scheme:


Posted by kkwaiser at February 22, 2010 08:08 AM


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