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February 03, 2010

Multiple Bibliographies (Biblio Collections)

Sooner or later, we are going to want the capability to host several distinct bibliographies. For example:
1) Main research papers
2) Papers related to Northern Michigan
3) Student research papers

Here are links on drupal.org that are related to this topic. The concept is called biblio collections and it has been talked about for year but not yet implemented.
Here are posts related to this subject:

The most recent Coding discussion on Biblio Collections.

This post: multiple biblios. Comments by Masood, here and Masood, here, are potential work arounds.

separate bibliographies for Biblio 5.x

More discussion on Biblio collections

Another post on multiple bibliographies for Biblio 5.x.

Posted by kkwaiser at February 3, 2010 09:25 AM


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