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March 18, 2010

Inserting images in Drupal Blogs

How to build the ability to insert photos into text bodies, quickly resize them and give the end-user the ability to see the full size image in a slick manner.

These steps are best used with these videos:

MustardSeed has a great video on the Insert module which covers one way to insert photos into blogs and other text bodies.

Lullabot has a good video (quality is so-so) on the Image Resize Filter.

1) Download (if necessary) and enable the following modules to /sites/all/modules:

- A third-party editor for WYSIWYG: FCKeditor or CKeditor
- CCK FileField
- ImageField
- Insert module
- Image Resize Filter Module
- Lightbox2
- Blog module

2) Setup WYSIWYG.
- Download and install fckeditor. Note, at first I tried ckeditor which is not compatible with image resizing.
$ sudo mkdir /blah/sites/all/libraries
$ sudo mkdir /blah/sites/all/libraries/fckeditor
$ sudo tar -xzf fckeditor_3.2.tar.gz
$ sudo cp -rf fckeditor/* /blah/sites/all/libraries/fckeditor/

- Go to admin/settings/wysiwyg and set CKeditor to be used in Filtered HTML settings. I didn't mess with the "Edit" section at all.

3) Configure Lightbox2 at admin/settings/lightbox2/
- I didn't change anything here

4) Setup HTML Input filter for Lightbox2 and Image Resize Filter (admin/settings/filters/)
- Edit: Check Lightbox2 and Image Resize Filter
- Configure: Add <img> to allowed tags; Check "Link to the Original" and add the word "lightbox" (no quotes) to 'rel attribute' box.

5) Create a directory for blog images.
$ sudo mkdir /blah/sites/default/files/images
$ sudo mkdir /blah/sites/default/files/images/blogs
$ sudo chmod 777 /blah/sites/default/files/images/blogs/

6) Add an Image field to the Blog content type (admin/content/node-type/blog/fields)
- field_blog_image; Type = File; Form element = Image
- File Path: images/blogs
- Enable Title Text; Default = "Complete this field for accessibility purposes"
- Enable Alt Text; Default = "Complete this field for search engine purposes"
- Enable Insert button

- In the Display settings, set the image field to hidden. This means the image will only appear when inserted into text.

7) Create a post, upload an image and resize it. If it is resized from the original, when you click on the image Lightbox should pop up and takeover.

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