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April 09, 2010

Updating modules on Live site

This entry outlines how to update a module on the live site using Views 2.10 as an example.

1) View the status of module for the site: admin/reports/updates

2) Download the appropriate modules to your local machine.

3) Put site into maintenance mode: admin/settings/site-maintenance

4) Backup the database through phpMyAdmin
- Place this file in: /Private/drupal...

5) Backup the code
$ cd blah/drupal/newModules/
$ sudo tar -czf sites_backup_4_9_2010.tar.gz blah/sites/
% cp .htaccess ~/Private/drupal/
- Place this file in: /Private/drupal...

6) SFTP the the latest version of the module to drupal/newModules

7) Unpack the new modules into sites/all/modules.
% cd ~/sites/all/modules/
% tar -xzf ~drupal/newModules/blah.tar.gz

8) *Deprecated - see extended entry for original text*

9) *Deprecated - see extended entry for original text*

10) Run update.php

11) Check status admin/reports/updates and errors admin/reports/dblog

12) Navigate to a few pages to make sure everything looks right
- NOTE: the gmap module requires another move. Copy the old sites/all/modules/gmap/thirdparty/Clusterer2.js file into the new module directory.

13) Take site out of maintenance mode

14) Check to make sure the views are functioning properly (again)

8) Delete the old module folders
% rm -rf sites/all/modules/gmap/
% rm -rf sites/all/modules/views/

9) Copy the new modules over
% cp -rf ~/Private/drupal/newModules/views/ sites/all/modules/

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