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May 19, 2010

Panels and Images

Not that this blog has any followers, but if it did, they would notice that a reoccurring theme is Drupal + Images. Essentially, how to make Drupal + Images = Good.

Thus far, I believe I've made the correct decision in going with the CCK + ImageField approach outlined in this post. However, I've begun messing around with Panels which has re-opened the Image equation:

Drupal + Panels + Images + X = Good

What composes X? And is it really a direct relationship? Maybe something like this is closer:

Drupal + Panels + Images + Log(sin(X))2/0 = Good

I'm not a math-wiz but sometimes imaginary numbers seem fairly descriptive of Drupal.

I'm currently thinking that X is composed of ImageCache (see my notes here) thereby allowing preset sizes to enforce uniformity) and a CCK "Image" content type composed of an imagefield that users would upload images to. With the latter, you could easily create a gallery with views (and with the help of an image vocabulary one could parse the images into several galleries) AND you could draw the images into panels. This commenter and merlinofchaos appear to agree with parts of what I've stated, which is encouraging.


Posted by kkwaiser at May 19, 2010 09:23 AM


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