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May 04, 2010

Removing .Net from Firefox

Not my area, but apparently the newest version of Firefox 3.63 makes previously hidden add-ons appear in your add-ons list. This caused some Microsoft .Net stuff to show up which I promptly removed because 1a) I don't want microsoft installing hidden programs on my open source browser because 1b) their programs are always targeted for hacks/viruses.

I followed this link to remove .Net.

I used these notes to determine if my machine was x64 or x86:

Method 2: View System Information window

1. Click Start button, type system in the Start Search box, and then click System Information in the Programs list.
2. When System Summary is selected in the navigation pane, the operating system is displayed as follows:
* For a 64-bit version operating system: x64-based PC appears for the System type under Item.
* For a 32-bit version operating system: x86-based PC appears for the System type under Item.

Posted by kkwaiser at May 4, 2010 08:43 AM


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