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July 15, 2010

Panels + Views with Filters (search bar)

Now that I have all of the publications for a Research Site appearing on a given research site's page, I need to add a search bar. Ideally, after searching, the user would remain on the research site page and the view would present only the search results. I haven't gotten this to work yet but this forum seems to have some good suggestions.


OK, now have it working. Here are some of the essential steps.

The View:
Display Type - Content Pane
Arguments - Node:Nid
Filters: Search - Search Terms (exposed, optional)
Basic Settings - Exposed form in block: Yes
Pane Settings -
- Use Panel Path: Yes
- Argument input: "Node: Nid Source: From Context", "Required context: Node ID"
- Allow settings: Path Override

Panel Settings
- Place the "Exposed form in block" Search Filter in one region (default settings)
- Place the Content Pane into a DIFFERENT region ("Node: NID: Node being viewed" and "Override path: node/%"

Posted by kkwaiser at July 15, 2010 12:45 PM


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