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September 09, 2010

Images directly into an access database

The proposed workflow for the digitization of our vascular plants collection currently looks like this:

1) Volunteer takes photos of specimen label
2) Volunteer places barcode onto specimen sheet
3) Put both barcode and photo into same row of database
4) Send database to UM herbarium, where they will sync the labels/barcodes with the records they have already digitized.


Is there a way to get the photos to feed directly into a database field? The barcode scanner can feed directly in. This plan falls apart if the image (or a pointer to) is not automagically inserted into the database.


This article explains how to store images in the database, link to the images, and use VB to display the images.

This old post (Access 2000?) claims you can feed an image from a webcam directly into an OLE field. Doesn't appear to translate directly to Access 2007.

The comment from Razorking in this post indicates that it is simple to feed barcodes into databases, why not photos?

Another post, not sure how useful it is. Talks about feeding webcam images into access.

Some VB code examples here and here.

Posted by kkwaiser at September 9, 2010 08:57 AM


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