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September 20, 2010

Potential Registration solution

Going to skip the intro for now.

Interesting resources and modules:

Content Profile Module allows you to associate one or many custom content types with a registered user. For example, the Person content type (which hold the name, address, institution reference) could be linked to a User. There is the ability to make the content type part of the User registration process. Multiple content types can be part of the content profile, meaning a Research Project could be part of the registration process as well. Very. Cool. Module.

- How does the content profile module work? That answer is the in this comment (like it was a secret that someone mistakenly let slip.)
- A sketch of an approach for having different registration processes for different roles.
- Interesting issue with good module suggestions: My user flow: choose role, register with partial profile, complete profile
- This post explains how a single user can create multiple content-profile-related content types without getting the error "User already has associated profile." Basically, you set the Author to Anonymous.

Auto Assign Module "provide[s] an automatic assignment of roles when a new account is created.... [It] allow[s] the end user the option of choosing their own role or roles when they create their account and provide[s] paths that will trigger a specific role when an account is created."

- My use case with this module may allow Users to select their role at UMBS (e.g., Teaching Faculty, Graduate Student, PI, etc.) which would then (purportedly) shuttle through a different registration process. See the "My user flow..." link above for more.

- Looking more at this module, it does seem that AutoAssignRole allows two different roles to have different content types associated with them through its integration with Content Profile. For example, both the Instructor and Researcher roles would associate with the Person content type but only researcher would have the Research Project content type associated with it. Multiple registrations forms seems possible with AAR + CP.

Profile Role Module appears to be redundant with AAR (above) but I haven't look into it much.

Automatic Nodetitles is a helper module that would remove the node title field from the registration form.

Email Registration Module - Users can register with an email, no username necessary meaning the username can be removed from the form.

Rules Module for automating processes; good discussion here.

Login Toboggan Module offers several extensions to the login system.

Workflow Module - don't know anything about it, just a bookmark.

Unvetted but interesting modules

User Import


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