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September 23, 2010

Taxonomy helper modules

These modules deal with expanding the core taxonomy module. I'm considering adding a vocabulary that is a species taxonomy which could be used 1) for tagging Projects, Publications and Datasets and 2) as part of our species presence/absence lists.

Such a taxonomy would be very large when considering the number of species that have been identified for UMBS and the immediate region.

Redundancy of names. A species same (e.g. canadensis) can be reused any number of times meaning selecting a species-level term from a vocabulary could become neigh kim-possible. It is worth noting that genus names are NOT repeated within a kingdom.

The shear number of terms in this vocabulary necessitates an autocomplete or hierarchical selection capability (see Modules, below). By default, the taxonomy allows doesn't have an autocomplete function without free-tagging. The only way to allow someone to select a term without giving them the ability to add new terms is through a select list - which would be too long - or through a 3rd party module.


Taxonomy Lineage "module adds a table to the taxonomy database which allows nodes to be sorted by taxonomy hierarchy."

Hierarchical Select allows the user to narrow down the vocabulary term they want by narrowing down the list of choices. No autocomplete.

Hierarchical Select Field Selector
somehow extends the HS module.

Content Taxonomy - allows the a cck field to reference a vocabulary (rather than putting a taxonomy field into the content type as a node field.) Additional claimed capabilities suggest that this module should be a starting point for experimentation. Upgrade path to D7 not set yet.

Unitag Module "Make a free-tagging vocabulary read-only. Non-existent terms are not included and are instead sent to a management interface where they can be dealt with appropriately." Other features too.

Taxonomy Single Tag - limit free tagging to one term.

Big Autocomplete Taxonomy - Triggers an autocomplete option if a vocabulary exceeds a prescribed number of terms. From the EDIT people.

Posted by kkwaiser at September 23, 2010 10:18 AM


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