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October 27, 2010

Panels Tutorial

Panels Node Template:

Enable Modules:
Panel nodes
Views content panes
Page manager (Optional)
Stylizer (Optional)

Go to Panels admin page (admin/build/panels)

Edit Node Template (admin/build/pages/edit/node_view)
Add Variant
- Name: DataSet
- Selection Rules
- Create Variant or Update and Save?? Take the former
- Selection Rule > Node: Type > Add > Node Being Viewed > DataSet > Continue
- Choose Layout > Flexible > Continue
- Panel Settings > Continue
- Panel Content > Update and Save

Layout Design
Pane (piece of content) or region (each column or region)

1) Add Region for Personnel
- Content > Show layout Designer > Row > Add Region to Right > Personnel

2) Add Region for Variable Information
- Content > Show layout Designer > Column > Add Row to Bottom > Add Region > Variable Info

3) Update and Save

Add Content

Content > Gear in Region of Interest > Add Content > Node > Methods (field_dataset_methods)

Add Relationship

1) Contexts > Relationships > Node from Reference
- Node: Node being viewed
- Identifier: Owner Reference
- Keyword: ownerreference
- Node reference field: Owner
- Save

2) Now you can add fields associated with the Owner (Person content type)

Add Variable View:

Create a View of DataSet Variables

Add View
Add Content Pane
Change Name (Under Basic Settings)
Change Style -> Table

Add Argument [NID]
Add relationship: Data File - field_dataset_datafile_ref
Add Field: Node Title

Add relationship: Variable - field_datafile_variable_ref > Data File Relationship
Modify Field: Node Title -> add Variable Reference relationship

Input on pane config:

Tweak Field Labels

Configure Arguments
Argument Input > Edit > From Context > Required Context: Node: Node ID

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