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November 29, 2010

Overhaul the beta site


1) Install a local copy of the live site
2) Change database prefix and settings.php
3) Update current modules using drush
4) Run update.php, cron and check Status Report
- modded a few directory permissions
- cron giving me some crap about /tmp but I'm going to ignore is
5) Install new modules:

$ sudo drush dl content_profile modalframe email_registration rules token jquery_update noderelationships autoassignrole cck_required_by_role node_clone permission_select conditional_fields auto_nodetitle workflow

Following my post on d.o, I need the dev version of a few modules

Check for available versions of a module:
$ drush pm-releases tabs

$ sudo drush dl tabs-6.x-1.x-dev
$ sudo drush dl cck_fieldgroup_tabs-6.x-1.x-dev
$ sudo drush dl jquery_update-6.x-2.0-alpha1

jQueryUI notes:
$ cd sites/all/modules/jquery_ui/
$ more README.txt
$ sudo wget http://jquery-ui.googlecode.com/files/jquery-ui-1.7.3.zip
$ sudo unzip jquery-ui-1.7.3.zip
$ sudo mv jquery-ui-1.7.3 jquery.ui

jQueryUpdate notes:
$ cd ../jquery_update/
$ more README.txt
Oh, apparently you just enable the module...didn't expect that.

6) Enable said modules as well as Triggers and CCK Field Permissions. Run update.php and cron.php

7) Download, enable CCK3 (Multigroup) and Schema

8) Working on updating metadata structures...
Done: NodeRelationships (create node from within node); Re-establish datafile, check fields against DEIMS fields
- This still needs work

9) Setup permissions for Admin
- Give admin rights on Permission Select and then Master Permissions.

10) Create two new User Roles & Set permissionss:
- Colleague - for research, instructional and misc summer visitors
- REU Applicant- for incoming REU applications

11) Import housing Application
- adjust field permissions
- need to look at permissions for creating research project

12) Setup Content Profile and AutoAssignRole
- Person as profile component
- Upgrade to AAR-dev following errors reported here and here.
- Allow anonymous users to create account (w/email confirmation)
*Need to adjust welcome message
- Tweak field-level permissions
- adjust fields on Person content type to resemble housing application

13) Had to switch to dev version of CCK Required by Role and apply a patch. See my post here.

14) Make Person Content Profile available for REU registration and create Auto-Assign Role URL for registration.

15) Install CAPTCHA Module and enable on Housing Application. See related post here.
- I didn't add it to user registration because I plan to use email confirmation. Should I add it???

16) Use Panels to setup an advanced User Profile Page
- Bring in a View of content the user has authored
- Display User's Content Profile on Same page
- Need to build menu for users

17) Build REU application & setup workflows
- See this post for steps

18) Change permissions for Views (admin/build/permissions) so only admin can access all views

19) Change default of Person content type NOT to publish

20) Set defaults for Housing Application if the User is logged in. See this post for more.
- Defaults for Date not working See this post for more.

21) Alter Researcher back-end

See this post for more.

Change panel view of Person for people who are logged in
Remove images from Colleague Role
Remove Content Type Person from Your Content View (done)
Add First Time user rule
Modify permissions on new zipcode (done?)
- add private upload fields to data file

Adjust Research Project Fields and Permissions
--stopping for the day. more to come...

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