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November 30, 2010

Porting the REU Application form to Drupal

We host a Research Experience for Undergraduates program here at UMBS and I've been asked to build the registration form (process, actually) into our Drupal site. Here are the notes:

REU Components:

1) Content profile attached to User Registration page. This is our Person content type and collects basic, personal information. Also use, AutoAssignRole to associate the registration page (reu-registration) with the REU Role.

2) REU application (a Content Type with bunch of CCK fields):
- modules used: Private Download, CCK3, Markup, Multi-column checkboxes & radios, probably other "basic" modules

3) Use panels & views to customize /user page

4) Build custom Menu system for logged in User
5) Associate workflow states with the REU application
6) Build views for staff use of REU apps
7) Add a new role "REU Reviewers" for faculty who review incoming apps
- in setting up Role Permissions, had to go this route to view unpublished content.
8) Setup auto-email to fire whenever an REU application is moved to "Ready for Review"
9) Adjust confirmation of Account Creation email and redirect to new "CHECK YOUR EMAIL" page after hitting submit.

Upon confirmation of email account and first login, forward to
Staff Components:
not done yet

Posted by kkwaiser at November 30, 2010 11:42 AM


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