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November 08, 2010

Setting up the CAPTCHA Module in Drupal

There are several CAPTCHA and CAPTCHA-like modules in Drupal. I'm using this one. The module currently needs a co-maintainer but with 80000+ users I'm fairly certain it won't fall a part.

Here are setup notes. Also posted on D.O.

Just a bit of documentation...

- You know how to install third-party modules for Drupal
- You have a content type and you want to add a CAPTCHA challenge

1) Install and enable the CAPTCHA Module

2) Configure permissions (admin/user/permissions)
- Probably want to allow Admin role to skip and administer captcha

3) Administer module (admin/user/captcha)
- Check "Add CAPTCHA administration links to forms"

4) Add CAPTCHA to a node-add form:
- Go to Create Content > [My Content Type] or (node/add/[my_content_type])
- Click on "CAPTCHA: no challenge enabled"
- On new page "CAPTCHA point administration" select a challenge type > Save

5) Return to CAPTCHA admin page (admin/user/captcha), refresh, and notice new entry in the Form Protection section [my_content_type_node_form]

Posted by kkwaiser at November 8, 2010 11:17 AM


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