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November 10, 2010

Setting up Workflow and WF Required Fields in Drupal 6

Need to establish a workflow for our REU Application.

1) Install Workflow and Workflow Required Fields
$ sudo drush dl workflow wf_required_fields
$ sudo drush en workflow wf_required_fields

2) Patch WF Required Fields to associated required fields with workflow states. In this case, I will set fields to be required before workflow state can go to "Complete". Use this patch.

- Move patch to WFRF directory and apply
$ sudo mv wf_required_fields.patch sites/all/modules/wf_required_fields/
$ cd sites/all/modules/wf_required_fields/
$ sudo patch -p0 < wf_required_fields.patch

3) Administer module permissions (admin/user/permissions) for Workflow
- Full rights to Administrator Role, nothing else

4) Add a workflow (admin/build/workflow/add):
- Title: Status of REU Application
- State: In progress
- State: Ready for review
- Permissions for these states: Author, Administrator, REU Applicant, Staff
- No Comments
- Workflow Tab Permissions: Administrator

5) Associate workflow with content type
- Content type: REU Application
- Workflow: Status of REU Application
- Display Workflow Form for: Post

6) Setup Workflow Required Fields (admin/build/wf-required-fields)
- Select REU Application
- Upon Ready for review - selected a bunch of fields here

7) Test notes:
- Although the Workflow status does not change if required fields are empty the Node is still created and error messages show up at the top of the screen. This is actually good because it will allow people to save and return to their application.
- I had to change the settings of a CCK fields so that they were not required to be able to set up WF Required Fields.

Posted by kkwaiser at November 10, 2010 02:59 PM


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