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December 06, 2010

Establishing Workflow for Researcher Products

The concept is relatively straightforward, establish a workflow system around researcher-created products to ensure content isn't published prematurely.

- Abundantly obvious as to which state is appropriate at a given time
- Publication of content is the final step

- Three Statuses:

1) In progress - researcher is actively editing the content, accessible to the Content Owner and site Administrator. NOT PUBLISHED
2) Ready for review - content is ready to be published (i.e. version 1 is complete). Administrator should check for keywords and web-necessary index terms. NOT PUBLISHED
3) Published - Researcher and Administrator agree all Content is ready for public release.

Rules to implement:

At this point, only the Statuses exist but rules can be added to send out email notifications upon Content creation or Content publication.

Posted by kkwaiser at December 6, 2010 09:20 AM


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