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December 15, 2010

Improving and refining access to content in Drupal 6

Just when I thought I had things figured out I've been forced to revisit the issue of content access in Drupal. Hopefully, this will be a good thing in the end as I have also considered DataSet, DataFile and other access issues.

This post is log of changes:

1) Install and enable Content Access and ACL.

See evaluation post of CA here.

2) Modify default access and publication states for content types:

- Unpublished by default
- Default Content Access Settings: Anonymous = View
- Using View Unpublished to allow view access to non-Authors, non-Admins by role (REU Reviewer and Staff)

REU Application
- Published by default
- Content Access: View/Edit limited to REU Reviewer

Housing Application
- Published by default
- Content Access: View/Edit limited to Staff

Research Project
- Published by default
- Content Access: View to Anonymous, Edit to Author
- Catch: If the Author wants to let another User edit their Project, the node will have to be published and Content Access settings should be changed accordingly (i.e., Not Viewable to Anonymous, add user with permissions.)

DataSets, DataFiles, Variables will look the same as Research Project

Research Sites,
- Published by Default
- Content Access: Viewable by anonymous
- Problem

Posted by kkwaiser at December 15, 2010 01:13 PM


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