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December 15, 2010

NodeAccess vs Content Access + ACL

My notes while evaluating these similar modules. Spoiler alert, I went with Content Access + ACL.

+ Fewer rebuilds of the permissions (rebuilding is really annoying when experimenting/developing)
+ Configuration of default access for content types are all on one page
+ Out-of-the-box ability to set access for Roles per content type
+ Out-of-the-box ability to set access for Roles and Users per Node
+ 6000+ users
- D7? No D7 port in the works
- No development activity for the last 1.5 years

Content Access
- Rebuilds are time consuming!
- Need an additional module (ACL) to get user-specific access to node, however ACL seems well maintained and is an API only module
- Default configuration is on each Content Type config page
- User interface not as slick as NodeAccess
+ D7 port is underway
+ 20,000+ users

So, to summarize, NodeAccess is +5/-2 and Content Access +2/-4 but Content Access wins? Is this the BCS or something?

Posted by kkwaiser at December 15, 2010 01:15 PM


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