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December 13, 2010

User Related Modules for Drupal 6

I've come to the conclusion that all Project Leads (PI's, Graduate Students, Co-PI's) will be required to maintain an account through our Research Gateway. There are several reasons for and implications of this decision. Explanation follows:

Reasons for:
1) Project Leads will eventually need a user account anyways as they will be submitting data later on.
2) Project Leads need to register their Research Project with UMBS as part of their application. Without an authentication requirement, anonymous users would need the ability to create Research Projects and this just doesn't seem like a good idea

1) Another account for people to manage
2) Exposure to the Research Gateway
3) Personal information and Research Projects will be saved and should cut down on future effort once complete

Where Confusion Arises:
I currently have Research Projects from 2010 that returning researchers may want to cite when they apply to visit UMBS in 2011. For this to be possible I will need to 1) create User accounts for those researchers a priori and 2) give them the ability to edit the Research Project, because 3) the researcher will need to complete further fields.

Either way:

User Import Module can be used to create many Users via a csv import.

User Import Framework Module looks like User Import's little brother.

Protect Critical Users Module will not allow specified Users to be deleted. Seems sensible.

Node Access User Reference Module allows a CCK field that specify Users who can be configured to have View or Edit abilities on a node. For fun, see if you can find the killer caveat on the project page!!

UserPlus Module seems like a bulk operations module for Users.

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