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January 20, 2011

Known "bugs" and bugs in the housing application

Here goes:

1) Clicking "Add another item" two times creates undefined solution
- This basically means the applicant will have to answer the captcha question twice instead of once.
- Severity: minor nuisance
- Solution: The module developers are aware of the problem, hopefully a fix with be forthcoming.

2) Applicants must have their browser's JavaScript enabled for the form to work.
- The latest Google Analytics report indicates 91-93% of visitors to our website have JavaScript enabled.
- Severity: potential headache
- Solution: Hire a very expensive programmer, go to PDF application, use last year's application (which only barely functions without javaScript)

3) Spam filters might eat some of the auto-emails?
- Problem occurred with REU applicants but may not happen here.
- Severity: Won't affect our processing or reception of housing applications. If researchers begin creating accounts and not receiving autoemails then this will become a bigger problem.
- Solution: I've adjusted the text of autoemails in an attempt to not trigger spam filters. Further action may be possible but will require more research.

4) If you submit, backup, submit, backup enough times the hidden fields (e.g. guest fields) will appear even if they should be hidden.
- Cannot reproduce this on a regular basis
- Severity: Minor
- Solution: Don't backup and submit several housing applications!

Posted by kkwaiser at January 20, 2011 01:23 PM


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