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January 14, 2011

Major impediments re: Housing Application


At least three of them?

CCK3 (multigroup)
- great for getting data in but good luck using it with views. Increasingly think this is a dead-end for D7


CCK 6.x

If a user "Adds Another" and then "Removes this item" on a required field, Drupal's form validation throws any errror - even if the user has another field completed for that field. The error has been on the CCK issue topic for 4 years and is not yet resolved.

Conditional Fields 6.x-2.x

- Validation of form fails if a hidden, required field is not complete. Appears the problem is only with the 6.x-2.x branch

Conditional Fields 6.x-1.x

The above problem does not seem to appear in this branch but it is impossible to have multiple fields control the same field per this issue.

Posted by kkwaiser at January 14, 2011 12:29 PM


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