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February 22, 2011

IRC with Bdragon

This is a conversation I had on the IRC on whether patches to add polygon support and multiple points per map would be accepted into the GMap module.

< start>

< kbk1> Bdragon: got a sec for a quick question on this?

< Druplicon> http://drupal.org/node/338745 => Multiple locations on a single map => Location, Code, normal, needs review, 57 comments, 1 IRC mention

< Bdragon> kbk1: Things are pretty hectic over here atm

< kbk1> Bdragon: My employer is willing to sponsor completion of those patches. It'll be for D6 (instead of D7). Are you OK with committing this to the D6 branch?

< kbk1> Bdragon: I just want confirmation before we pony up.

< Bdragon> kbk1: Sponsorship is problematic for me atm because I'm fulltime with Tag1 Consulting.

< kbk1> Bdragon: we would go through Agileware; I've already talked with them and gotten an estimate

< Bdragon> kbk1: As is, I don't like the idea of storing polys as multiple locations. I had to maintain a site that did this in production and it's slow and buggy. Much better to use spatial tables... Have you looked at the geo module yet?

< kbk1> Bdragon: That's understandable. Would you commit the "Multiple locations on a single map" patch? I've looked into Geo a bit but wouldn't switch to it in the D6 incarnation of my site.

< Bdragon> kbk1: Not as it currently is. For it to be reliable locations an offset column will need to be managed in {location_instance} -- location doesn't guarantee that it returns stuff in the same order currently.

< Bdragon> kbk1: I am quite opposed to the patch, I spent weeks getting *rid* of it on a site.

< Bdragon> kbk1: It needs to be done in a much cleaner way than that patch

< kbk1> Bdragon: That explains why it has been pending for 3 years. This is beginning to sound like a 'no'.

< Bdragon> kbk1: It's outside the scope of location. [This post] is still relevant.

< Druplicon> http://groups.drupal.org/node/6089 => Bdragon's vision for doing locations "right" in Drupal => 31 comments, 11 IRC mentions

< kbk1> Bdragon: Seems things are more complicated than they appear. Either way, Gmap and Location work great for us and perhaps we can contribute in some other way in the future. Thanks.

< Bdragon> kbk1: I followed up with a suggestion.

< kbk1> Bdragon: Thanks. I collaborate with a few other data manager types and geographic data in Drupal is a big question of ours. It's not out of the question that we would submit for federal grant money to fund improvements. If our conversation ever goes there we will keep all of this in mind.

< Bdragon> kbk1: re: a grant -- good idea. I really want geospatial in drupal to go somewhere, but bolting adhoc junk onto gmap and location isn't the way to get there. Bolting conformant stuff on the other hand (WKT support for gmap would be awesome for one, but I don't have the time to write it)

< end>

Posted by kkwaiser at February 22, 2011 12:05 PM


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