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March 03, 2011

Drupal 6 SEO with PathAuto

I'm on an SEO kick and have decided to install the PathAuto Module. Here are my steps. I found this tutorial - despite the comments - to be useful.

1) Download and install PathAuto 6-1.x
- it looks like directions for 6-2.x would differ. Specifically, steps 5 and 6 appear unnecessary.

2) Enable Pathauto (admin/build/pathauto)

3) Configure Pathauto (admin/build/path/pathauto)

Strings to Remove: a
- I want the URLs to be friendly to human readers

Update Action: Do nothing. Leave the old alias intact.
- Building on an existing site, don't want to muck things up.

Node Paths
Default path pattern: [type]/[title-raw].htm
Pattern for all Biblio paths: bibliography/[title-raw].htm
Pattern for all Data Set paths: data/[title-raw].htm
Pattern for all Housing Application paths: housing/[title-raw].htm
Pattern for all Person paths: people/[title-raw].htm
Pattern for all REU Application paths: reu/[title-raw].htm
Pattern for all Research Project paths: projects/[title-raw].htm

Taxonomy term paths
Default path pattern: [vocab-raw]/[catpath-raw].htm

5) Automate the PathAuto bulk update process
- Follow this tutorial and specifically this comment.

- Created a file called pathauto.php and place it in the root drupal directory. The only change I suggest is reduce the number listed in this line "variable_set('pathauto_max_bulk_update', 100);"

6) Navigate to http://yoursite.com/pathauto.php
- This script will run as long as your webbrowser is at this URL.

7) Install and enable Global Redirect
- No further configuration needed
- This will forward all /node/1234 URLs to the URL Alias which will force search engines to index 2 URL instead of two.

8) Rebuild sitemap.xml

- It is probably be to set up your aliases before setting up your sitemap but if you tend to do things in the wrong order (me, me!) you can go to your site map settings and rebuild them.

Posted by kkwaiser at March 3, 2011 09:53 AM


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