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March 11, 2011

Finding UMBS Pubs

The Research Bibliography is the single most important resource we have in documenting the history of research at the University of Michigan Biological Station. I've spent the last week or so updating it and was surprised by the number of publications I found via Google Scholar that we did not have record of. In fact I was so surprised I have decided to document my procedure so that it can be reproduced for earlier years:

Visit Google Scholar

- Advanced Search
- Constrain the Date - I have exhausted the 2008-present timeline but have not touched 2007 or earlier. I recommend doing this one-year-at-a-time
- Suggested searches
"University of Michigan Biological Station"
"Biosphere-Atmosphere Research Training"
"Biosphere-Atmosphere Research"
"Biosphere-Atmosphere Research and Training"
Pellston, MI -"University of Michigan Biological Station"
"university of michigan biological field station"
"university of michigan field biological station"
"university of michigan field station"
prophet atmosphere -"university of michigan biological station" -peptide -god -religion -Mohammad -Muhammad -Mohamed -Muhammed


Ignore links to conference websites - we typically do not enter abstracts
Ignore links to deepblue.lib.umich

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