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March 01, 2011

Setup XML Sitemap for Drupal 6

I've noticed the Research Gateway does not appear as prominently as I think it should on some search results. Here are the steps to creating a sitemap for submission to google and bing, which I think should remedy this.

1. Download XML Sitemap
- enable XML sitemap, XML sitemap engines, XML sitemap modal UI, XML sitemap node, XML sitemap taxonomy

2. Visit the /admin page

- I hit a WSOD on ITS servers. Remedy is here.
- Note: Server errors logs for the Research Gateway are available here.

3. Visit the Edit section of content types and vocabularies to Include that content in the XML SiteMap.

Content types Enabled: Biblio, DataSet, Institution, Research Project, Variable, Person, Variable, Page

Vocabularies Enabled: UMBS Keywords, USGS Maps, Dataset Theme, Michigan Counties and Townships, Institution Categories, GNIS Classes

Note: a brief test showed that unpublished nodes are omitted from the sitemap
Note: a second brief test indicates that only nodes that are viewable to Anonymous users are included in the sitemap.
Further explanation: I use the Content Access module and set a content type to be Include in the sitemap but not viewable to Anonymous. I then created two nodes of this content type and - at the node level - made one of them viewable to Anonymous. After running cron.php this node showed up on the sitemap.

4. Configure XML SiteMap (admin/configuration/xmlsitemap)
- Added Bing and Google as search engines to submit sitemap to.

5. Verify ownership for Bing and Google.
- Create Webmaster Tools account at each site
- Place an xml file (Bing) and an html file (Google) in the site's root directory.

6. The sitemap is expanded everytime cron.php is run.

Posted by kkwaiser at March 1, 2011 03:51 PM


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