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September 30, 2011

DataOne Workshop - Morning

Technical considerations to make entry smoother
Resource dedication on UMBS behalf
Policies and practices
Advantages for researchers and UMBS

DataONE - overview - Amber Budden

- Remove inefficiencies related to data handling for researchers

Three components
Member Nodes, Coordinating Nodes, Investigator ToolKit

1) Cyberinfrastructure
- Member nodes that implement DataONE's software stack
- Coordinating nodes - catalog/indexer of member node content
- Investigator toolkit - end-user tools to work with data

Data wouldn't be submitted until after first use so efficiency gain is minimal for data originator

Tools planned for all stages of the data life cycle

Feedback mechanisms
- Scientist survey published in PLoS one

Progress to date
- Draft of architecture document
- Past prototype stage
- UCSB, U New Mexico, Oak Ridge - Coordinating Nodes
- Member Nodes - Dryad, KNB, Oak Ridge (aim to double over years)
- Investigator Toolkit - morpho

DataOne Users Group - stakeholder inclusion (meetings co-located with esip)

Infrastructure Overview - Dave Vieglais

Data Model

- 3 granules of management
1) Data object (e.g., file)
2) Metadata
3) Resource Map - OAI initiative expressed in RDF, (binds 1 and 2)

System metadata attached to each, from Member Node (e.g., file size, access rules)
- used for system checks

Data Package - objects 1-3 together, possibly hierarchical arrangement of data packages

System Metadata (some properties set by MNs (member nodes))

Identifier - -- MNs need to provide unique identifiers for each granule
fmtid - file description
size - file size
submitter - institution

Once data and metadta are submitted they cannot be changed, can be deprecated (but retained)
System metadata (Access rules) are alterable


Identifying Objects - fairly unrestricted, assigned by MNs
Identifying People - client side certificates for authentication
- CILogon - select own identity provider (e.g., home institution, google)
- Access defined by MNs (i.e., who can access which content)
- Data objects replicated among MNs, directed by CNs
- MN replication action is varied, resource requirements will vary

Content Discovery
- Through CNs

Coordinating Nodes
- Object tracking/replication mgmt
- Java J2EE web services on Tomcat
- Metacat and Mercury, Hazlecast

Member Node Implementation
Process options
1. Implement APIs in implementation (e.g., in metaCat)
2. Deploy gateway service
3. Deploy independent member node (synchronize with own repository)

Member Node Tiers
1. Read only, public content
2. Read only, access control
3. Read/Write use APIs
4. Operate as a replication target

Authentication and Authorization

3 identity types
Inidividual Subject
Group Subject
Special Subject - Public use, authenticated user, verified user

Users register with dataOne, CILogon identity registered on first use

CN - expose API for identity jobs
CILogon -> gives authentication certificate for access to data objects

InCommon, Protect Network, OpenID

SSL used for communication

Client -> Authenticate CILogon -> CILogon communicates to CN -> certificate to client -> Client request to MN (with certificate) -> MN fulfills request

Authentication requires release of real name and email

Access policies set by contributors

Details about pieces - Operation docs


Source code repository

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