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September 29, 2011

EIM 2011 - EML Checking

EML Congruency Checker - O'Brien and Servilla

IM Working Group WebPage

Services and Libraries w/checker
Future directions

List of 35 features that a "checker" should evaluate and report on
- More to come

0.1 checks:
1. Data URL is valid (pass/fail)
2. Display data from the URL
3. Database table can be generated (from attribute list, pass/fail)
4. Load data to table with SQL (pass/fail)
5. Compare number of rows loaded to number specified in metadata

- Enhancements to benefit non-LTER sites
- Configurability of checks/flags/actions

EML Parser through KNB

John Porter has a TFRI (??) and an R script for checking EML quality

EML Best Practices - Resource to check out for suggestions

Sven's script to check congruency of his EML docs against the EML Congruency Checker

TFRI EML validity checker

John Porter
EML Document to a statistical program: Web service

Create a Statistical Program from an Ecological Metadata Language (EML) document

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