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October 28, 2011

Bibliography Criteria

I asked Bob to elaborate on how decisions to include a publication in our bibliography are made . Here is what he said:

The historical criteria for adding a publication is: 1) whether it resulted from research while that person was at the station and 2) whether it is from the Station area.

But as I was looking through all the publications there were quite a few that were about different areas of the world. So basically the criterion became whether that person worked on the publication here (wrote it, or did the statistics, etc.). So a publication wouldn't be part of our bibliography if it was just from our area (as Scott Herron's probably are). That is why I created the nmich bibliography (there were, for example, huge numbers of archaeological publications done by other people but in our area). A publication would be part of our bibl if someone was on sabbatical here (like Jordan Price) but wrote about research that they had done in other parts of the world.

Here is an additional criteria dealing with grey-literature:

Articles like the Gough and Nave 2011 (a FluxNet Newsletter article) should be included in the UMBS Research Bibliography if they meet the following criteria:

- They add unique value to the Bibliography. In this case, a full accounting of a signature UMBS research project qualifies.

- The bibliographic entry can be distinguished from peer-reviewed entries within the bibliography. Although not ideal, I've categorized this entry as a Magazine Article as the grey literature implication is clear.

Here is the publication:

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