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October 11, 2011

Cool Things - Part I

Application of profiling buoys to determine whole lake metabolism in stratified lakes - P. Staehr

- Accounting for physical changes between depths
- Respiration and NPP higher in metalimnion
- High variability of biological processes driven mix layer depth, light attenuation

Deep chlorophyll maxima - Kevin Rose
- Implicatinos for ecosystem structure and metabolism estimates
- UV and PAR with manual profiler
- Chlorophyll peaks line up with 1.7% PAR and forms a 1:1 linear relationship (R^2 = 0.98)
Would help to know what deep chlorophyll maxima are

- Looking for PAR and UV profile data

Lake Lillinonah - New Site - Jen Klug
- New buoy on reservoir
- Lake association based (funded) operation
- Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee and additional storms have completely mixed the lake

Unnamed presentation shall remain unnamed
- I'm going to skip this one but will bet $5 that the speaker goes way over the time limit. Any takers?
- Rainfall increase increases UV absorbance due to accompanying increase in fresh DOC.
- Moderator is standing and the speaker is going strong. Double or nothing?!?!?
- No time for questions, I win the day.

Earth Microbiome Project - Ashley Shade
- Interesting side note: Ashley made the shortlist for an EEB faculty position a few years ago. She's now post-docing at Yale University.
- EMP Goal: characterizing microbial life on earth
- Four products - Gene Atlas, Assembled Genomes, Metabolic Reconstruction, Visualization Portal
- Opportunity to get microbes at UMBS sequenced

Novel approaches for assessing ecosystem metabolism and greenhouse gas fluxes at the Experimental Lakes Area - Scott Higgins
- Plug for Experimental Lakes Area
- NW Ontario research area with ~40 years of data
- Have sediment flux chambers deployed
- Supped up garden hose rack hooked to a data logger which controls raising and lowering of sensor package

Analysis of future scenarios of simulated water temperature data using lake analyzer - Nihar Samal

- Use climate model predictions to guestimate future water temps and feed into Lake Analyzer to model physical structure of the lake
- Interesting combination of climate change models and limnological models. However, models derived from models of models yields skepticism - error propagation, anyone?
- Schmidt Stability increases 15-20%

CALON project: Circumarctic Lakes Observation Network - John Lenters
- Note: Lenters also has projects on Lake Superior with collaborators from N. Michigan University
- This is a new site report, next GLEON should have data
- Arctic Observing Network - NSF/NOAA initiative, funding CALON
- One site in Barrow, Emaiksoun Lake and one other

Meta: We've two talks left and it is now lunchtime :|
I pledge to keep my talk very short - which probably won't matter because I am slated to go last tomorrow and we'll almost surely be 20 minutes behind by then.

Meta II: Nevermind, they're cancelling talks to get us to lunch.

Renconciling differences in the temperature-­dependence of ecosystem respiration across time scales and ecosystem types

Complete aside: internet speed appears to decrease when boring talks are given - Gabriel Yvon-­Durocher

- take home: this person is doing a nice job of linking terrestrial carbon to aquatic ecoystems

Posted by kkwaiser at October 11, 2011 10:51 AM

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