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October 31, 2011

Image Transfer Fun

Time to move images from here to here. This here is a list (and a recursive link!):

Douglas Lake Region

- The data set Property Boundaries of UMBS - incorporates this image
- The data set Soils of UMBS - incorporates this image

No transferred (yet):
- the UMBS Campus or siteuse images yet.
- Gorge trails
- Mapped trees of UMBS
- NAIP orthophoto - must boost file upload size!!

Not going to transfer:

- the satellite images of UMBS because of copyrights. This topo map is also copyrighted but it must apply only to the digital version used here.
- DEM of all of N. Michigan - need to get one subset to UMBS property to accompany our DEM data set.

Sugar Island

- The Sugar Island Research Site received the following Osborn and Public Lands and Land Use

Not transferring

- Copyrighted topo map of SI

Ecosystem and Cover Type Maps

- The data set Major and Minor Landforms of UMBS - incorporates this
- The data set Vegetative Cover Types of UMBS - incorporates this UMBS image and a similar Colonial Point image.
-The data set Ecosystems of UMBS - incorporates this UMBS image and the Colonial Point image.

No transferred (yet):
- aerial photo of colonial point yet.

USGS and Historical Maps

- Not transferring these as of now.

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