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January 31, 2012

Reverse Node References in Drupal

My understanding is the this Views patch and this References patch combined give the ability to reverse node reference directions in a view.

Once I get those versions in front of me, I will return with documentation.

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January 30, 2012

JPG to PDF on Ubuntu

Got this from a help forum which claims this command doesn't work:

$ convert /tmp/blah.jpg Desktop/blah.pdf

but I tried it anyways (on 10.04 LTS) and it worked wonderfully.

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January 25, 2012

Citing Data Sets

[First Author Last Name], [First Author Initials], [2nd Author Initials] [2nd Author Last Name], [3rd Author Initials] [3rd Author Last Name]. [Year of Data Set Completion or Publication]. [Data Set Title]. [Publisher Location]:[Data set publisher]. Accessed on [Date data set retrieved YYYY-MM-DD] at [Website URL].

Welch, P.S., F.E. Eggleton. 2010. South Fishtail Bay Profiles 1913-1950. Pellston, MI USA: University of Michigan Biological Station Research Gateway. Accessed on 2012-01-25 at http://umbs.lsa.umich.edu.


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January 24, 2012

UMBS Publication search summary

2011 Update: Finding a lot more pubs (which is nice) but realized you can omit sites from your search results (e.g., DeepBlue) by using "-site:umich.edu". This is useful because DeepBlue pubs are student papers and not entered into the research bibliograpy.

Running Tally of Years
2003 - Google searched, turned up 4 pubs
2004 - PMW working on
2008-2010 - Google searcherd, 50+ pubs added
2011 - Finished
2012 - Not started


Summary of the great 2008-present UMBS Research Bibliography dig:

1) This is everything (~ decreasing order of prevalence): Peer-reviewed papers, theses/dissertations, books, book chapters, conference publications, others

2) Using only Google Scholar, I turned up 50+ pubs (2008-present) that contained UMBS and/or BART acknowledgments that we were unaware of.

- There are surely more publications for 2008-2010 but the amount of effort it takes to find a new 2008-2010 publication online is now very high.

- My Google methodology is here

3) Basically, very few researchers are telling us about their publications.

- Offending authors and/or advisors: Curtis, Helmig, Vogel, Shepson, Bump, Moore, BART papers
- Cooperative authors: Gough, Nave, Roche, Cuthbert, Snow, Fincke, Campbell

4) I have no idea how many papers are out there that failed to acknowledge UMBS.

5) Nadelhoffer, Hogg and Hazlett 2010 is included but I have yet to add individual chapters (which Bob and I agree should be done) - this will add 21 publications to 2010.

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January 23, 2012

Tweaking the housing form

Log of changes:

Added the CSS Injector module as a way to easily style the current form:

- All fields are uniform width
- Field are larger with padding for internal text
- Required * is larger and red
- Date picker is larger

Added CCK Tweak Field to:
- change Save to Submit
- modify a few other "add another" buttons.
- Removed Preview button.

Other changes:
- Role is a drop down field
- Added javascript warning that will appear if the browser has it disabled
- Refashioned "Instructions" to include just contact and information
- Created "Travel Information" grouping, Guests is and will remain separate for technical reasons
- Under vehicle information, changed Model to Make/Model
- Moved all research questions into Research Site Use Application
- Removed Project Lead Question and hid one of the research project node reference fields.
- Implemented this patch to stop captcha errors upon pressing "add another"
- Removed "Related Links" field from Research project
- Changed UMID to University of Michigan ID

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January 19, 2012

Linux VPN

Install VPNC

$sudo apt-get install vpnc

Set up the config file using the appropriate pcf file from ITS.

$ sudo vpnc /etc/vpnc/myconfig.config
$ sudo vpnc-disconnect

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January 17, 2012

Autocomplete Widget Error

An HTTP error 0 occurred. https://umbs.lsa.umich.edu/research/autocomplete_widgets/variable/field_attribute_unit

This error started cropping up after implementing Secure Pages. The fix is here.

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January 16, 2012

UM Data Security and Sensitivity Resources

I received this email from someone (who received it from someone (who received it from someone)):

Cloud Computing and Information Security (expanded text in Proper Use section, plus link to new standard and FAQ and the new U-M Google web site)

M+Google/Keeping U Connected web site (multiple pages, including FAQs, now have references/links to new IT standard on sensitive regulated data)

IT Policies at U-M (new content in General IT Policies section; new Policy Oversight and Approval section; new standard added)

We broke up the IT policy site into multiple pages, so that it's more manageable and navigable than adding onto and making it an ever longer single page. This will help as it continues to expand with new content.

Sensitive Regulated Data Standard (in IT Policies at the University of Michigan/Data Management section)

Sensitive Regulated Data FAQ

These pages are substantially revised from the pages that have been up for quite a long time:

Laws and Regulations Related to Handling Sensitive Protected Data (replaces Security Laws and Regulations)

Information Security Laws and Regulations Related to Handling Sensitive Data (replaces Compliance with Information Security Laws and Regulations Summary with old format)

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January 13, 2012

ToDo: EML feeds for metadata

Alter LTER bit:

uid=UMBS, o=lter, dc=ecoinformatics, dc=org

This block automatically adds "_ref" to the end of node references. Problem is I don't always append "_ref" so those references don't end up in the metadata. From eml_variables.php (line 134):

foreach ($dataset_reference_names as $dataset_reference_name) {
$ref_nodes = Array();
$field_name = "field_" . $dataset_reference_name . "_ref";

Here's the new version of this:

      //  refs  
      $dataset_reference_names = array(


foreach ($dataset_reference_names as $dataset_reference_name) {
$ref_nodes = Array();
$field_name = "field_" . $dataset_reference_name;
if (isset($node->$field_name)) {
$ref_nid_array = $node->$field_name;
if ($dataset_reference_name == 'dataset_site_ref' &&
$node->field_dataset_site_ref[0]['nid']) {
$ref_nodes = eml_get_site_information($ref_nid_array);
else {
foreach ($ref_nid_array as $v) {
foreach ($v as $ref_nid) {
$ref_nodes[] = node_load($ref_nid);

In eml_config/eml_config_form.inc change the maxLength of acronym to 4

$form['acronym'] = array( '#type' => 'textfield', '#title' => t('Site name acronym'), // '#required' => TRUE, '#size' => 4, '#maxlength' => 4e, '#default_value' => variable_get('acronym', $last_settings['last_acronym']), // '#description' => t('Site name acronym'),

in views-bonus-eml-export-eml.tpl.php remove closing tags at end of file:

eml_indent(1); eml_close_tag('eml:eml'); ');

In views-bonus-eml-export-eml.tpl.php add a test to the check for a code-definition variable. I'm not sure why but without this test any variables that lack units or dates ends up going into this loop

}elseif ($var->code_definition[0][value] != NULL) {

In views-bonus-eml-export-eml.tpl.php change knb to UMBS:


//TODO: access tag group - from config file, or from site variable, or... here is my take !!!
if ($acr) {
$access_string = "uid=$acr, o=umich, dc=ecoinformatics, dc=org";

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January 10, 2012

Sensitive Regulated Data: Permitted and Restricted Uses

Mostly a bookmark to new guidance coming out of ITS with regards to where and how sensitive data can be stored. Very timely.

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