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January 24, 2012

UMBS Publication search summary

2011 Update: Finding a lot more pubs (which is nice) but realized you can omit sites from your search results (e.g., DeepBlue) by using "-site:umich.edu". This is useful because DeepBlue pubs are student papers and not entered into the research bibliograpy.

Running Tally of Years
2003 - Google searched, turned up 4 pubs
2004 - PMW working on
2008-2010 - Google searcherd, 50+ pubs added
2011 - Finished
2012 - Not started


Summary of the great 2008-present UMBS Research Bibliography dig:

1) This is everything (~ decreasing order of prevalence): Peer-reviewed papers, theses/dissertations, books, book chapters, conference publications, others

2) Using only Google Scholar, I turned up 50+ pubs (2008-present) that contained UMBS and/or BART acknowledgments that we were unaware of.

- There are surely more publications for 2008-2010 but the amount of effort it takes to find a new 2008-2010 publication online is now very high.

- My Google methodology is here

3) Basically, very few researchers are telling us about their publications.

- Offending authors and/or advisors: Curtis, Helmig, Vogel, Shepson, Bump, Moore, BART papers
- Cooperative authors: Gough, Nave, Roche, Cuthbert, Snow, Fincke, Campbell

4) I have no idea how many papers are out there that failed to acknowledge UMBS.

5) Nadelhoffer, Hogg and Hazlett 2010 is included but I have yet to add individual chapters (which Bob and I agree should be done) - this will add 21 publications to 2010.

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