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February 28, 2012

Loggin and communication data requests - Part 1

Relevant but related to data downloads:
Part 3, part 2 and part 1.

The goal here is to offer a contact form that will structure requests for access to private data files. Right now, I'm using the same form used by the Data Download functionality but that may need to change because the data download reuses the same information time and again and the submission content for a data request will be different than that of a data request. Capiche?

Any ways, here is where I am:

1) Added a field to data set indicating whether it is Public/Private

2) If Private, a specific Panels template is called which includes a link to the Data Download form. This link is formatted to place the dataset NID in the url because I need this in order to get the data set contact's email. The URL looks like http:/umbs.lsa.umich.edu/research/weform?id=342
3) I added a private (hidden) field to the webform with a default value of %get[id] to make it part of the submission data.
4) Enabled Webform Rules and created a rule that triggers when Data Download form is submitted *if* the data set is private.
5) Added custom php rule to create the email. Ran into asinine token related issues which frustrate me to know end!!!
6) fin

Posted by kkwaiser at February 28, 2012 04:06 PM


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