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February 28, 2012

Logging and communicating file downloads. Part Treux

[EDIT: I had to reconfigure how files were displayed. Switching to a File type of View. See this post for more.]

If you want part 2 and part 1.

Implementation Round 2:

1) Install and enable additional modules

Squeeze - gives ability to interrupt a file download by redirecting to a Webform
Filefield Stats - gives cryptic name to file download link, allows squeeze to not fire until the file is actually clicked on (i.e., user can still view node page)
Download Stats - introduces Rules action to trigger upon file download. I will use this to send an email to the file contributor with information from the Webform

$ sudo drush dl squeeze-6.x-1.x-dev filefield_stats download_count
$ drush en squeeze filefield_stats download_count

* May need to apply this patch for Squeeze

2. Create a webform to collect use information

3. Visit update.php and Configure

- Permissions (admin/user/permissions)
Squeeze - check all for administrator, nothing else
Download Count - Check all for admin, view own download counts for Authenticated
Filefield Stats - check all for admin, nothing else

- Modules
Squeeze (admin/settings/squeeze):
Check Default for 'Show page?';
Squeeze enabled content types: Data File Data Set;
Default Squeeze form: Data Download Form;
Check Redirect back to protected page

Download Count (admin/settings/download_count):
No changes
You can disable all the new menu items though admin/build/menu-customize/navigation

Filefield Stats: no options

4. Per the Squeeze module: File fields should have 'Generic files + Stats URL [+ Download Count]' as display type

I use a View (admin/build/views/edit/datafile_list) to list files so this setting is in the Field section of the pertinent view. Change the Public file, leave Private files as is.

5. Create a Rule that will trigger upon download and send an email to the Data Set Contact
This rule should include the following conditions (custom PHP):
Is downloaded file from a Data File CT?
Does the Contact want to be downloaded when files are downloaded?

The action should do the following:
Retrieve Data Set contact information
Retrieve last webform submission for the IP of the downloading user
Package the Webform submission information into an email and send to Contact.

6. [Optional] Get this module patch taken care of for usability purposes.

7. Profit

Posted by kkwaiser at February 28, 2012 12:26 PM

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