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February 24, 2012

Upgrading to D7?

It's a Friday. And I want to be productive but I don't want to do any of the things I usually do. This is when I usually spend some time exploring my options re: drupal. Today I'm looking at how hard it will be to upgrade to Drupal 7 using Drupal's Upgrade Status module.

Here's a summary.

Modules in use: 84(!)(!)(!)
Stable for D7: 27
In D7 Core: 9
Dev for D7: 27
No D7 releases: 20

Now, the last figure is the most important. It looks like 10 of those 20 have ready D7 substitutes available. Of the 10 that have no port available, 5 of those are deal breakers - meaning they supply absolutely necessary functionality that I don't currently have a substitute for. Here are the details:

Substitute Available:

Views Bonus Pack
-> Creates export to CSV functionality
-> EML Modules uses this
-> See Views Data Export
-> Need Level: 10

Private Download
-> Used to keep some data files private
-> Drupal 7 has can do both public/private file types out of the box
-> Need Level: 10

Content Profile
-> I attach a Person node to a User account
-> Port thread
-> Profile2 if you "don't need nodes in D7"
-> Need Level: 10

Node Relationships
-> Usability module allowing creation of nodes within Modal Frames.
-> No port activity
-> References Dialog as a potential substitute
-> Need Level: 7

CCK Fieldgroup Tabs
-> Recommends Fieldgroup Module (Stable D7)
-> Usability module to break up node/add forms
-> Need Level: 5

Tabs (jQuery UI tabs)
-> Deprecated in favor of Elements
-> Usability module to break up node/add forms
-> Need level: 5

Views Custom Field
-> Allows use of custom PHP in a views field
-> See Views PHP for substitute
-> Need Level: 5?

Taxonomy Role
-> Used to bar/grant access to vocabularies
-> Port thread indicates Field Permissions is a substitute
-> Need Level: 4

Table Wizard
-> Used sparingly to store data in database tables
-> Data as potential substitute. D7 development has picked up with new maintainer.
-> Need Level: 1

Node import
-> Use Feeds instead
-> Need level: 1

Path Rules
-> Used to check the URL path and trigger a rule to do something
-> I could probably stop using this module right now but custom PHP within Rules should do the same thing
-> I think this is now part of Rules Core
-> Need Level: 1

No Substitute:

Filefield Stats
-> Part of the Download Data form, used by the Squeeze Module
-> Need level: 10

-> Part of the Download Data form,
-> Need level: 10

Views Bonus EML
-> Allows export of metadata to EML compliant format
-> No port thread
-> Need Level: 10

Workflow Required Fields
-> Used in the REU application form to make certain fields required by state
-> Port thread
-> Need Level: 8

CCK Required by Role
-> Port Thread
-> Use: Multiple user roles may add content, this allows for variability in the required fields for each role
-> No port issue open
-> Need level: 8

-> Used to put user entries into vocabularies into a moderation queue (i.e. protect the keywords list)
-> This module has mysteriously stopped working so I'm a bit frustrated with it
-> Port thread
-> Need Level: 6 (if it works)

Chaos tool custom plugins for Panels
-> Add images/links to Panes
-> No port issue open
-> Need level: 5

CCK Tweak Button
-> Hack to theme the "Add Another" buttons on node/add forms
-> If I can manage a proper theming job, this should become obsolete
-> Need level: 3

Views Date Range Filter D6
-> Usability module for viewing housing applications
-> No plans to port
-> Need Level: 2

Posted by kkwaiser at February 24, 2012 02:59 PM


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