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March 19, 2012

Upgrading Drupal

Relevant: more complete documentation, recurring updates

1) backup entire drupal install (place in private directory). Also cp it to new name in same directory.
2) backup data base (place in Private directory)
3) Unpack new drupal install
4. Rm sites from new drupal install
5. Cp sites from old install to new
6. Cp a few files (.htaccess) that belong in new drupal root directory
% cp BingSiteAuth.xml ../research
% cp google27d7a67e9c791389.html ../research
% cp y_key_7fc2274f7f0a1820.html ../research
% cp .htaccess ../research

7. Check Status Report.
- For "directory not-writable" use this command from ITS on the affected directories: % find [path/to/directory] -type d -exec fs sa {} umweb:servers write \;

8. Run update.php to apply any updates/changes to database

9. Apply recurring updates

10. Install any new/update modules. Run update.php

Posted by kkwaiser at March 19, 2012 01:23 PM


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