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March 23, 2012

Burrow Cams

File under "Miscellania".

This Australian company has Video Burrow Scopes and just Burrow Scopes
- Burrowcam - 17mm diameter camera, focal length 120mm to infinity ($430.00 - $473.00)
- Spidercam - 9mm diameter camera, focal length 25mm to ??? ($445.00 - $489.50)
- Spiderview - Non recording. 1 meter flexible shaft with light.($155 - $170)
- 3m extension available, joining hardware = 19mm

Sandpiper Technology has two options designed form field ecology use.

Peep-a-Roo - 1" camera diamter, IR Illumination
Peeper Video Probe - 2.3" camera diameter, IR Illumination

The headset goggles are now optional and are replaced with a wireless monitor. Challenge of using a 1" camera in large dens is cable is very flexible and hard to direct in large areas. John@sandpipertech.com

- Cost starts around $6000. A second probe can be added for $1-2K.
- Delivery around June/July

The Snakescope is fairly cheap option but may not be built for use in burrows. Here's what I received from sales reps:

The Snakescope would be OK in this type of environment. The flexible length is water resistant and not water proof. As long as it is not dunked in water it will be OK. The lens may become obscured by dirt or debris but a simple cleaning will take care of that. If required the flexible length can be replaced.

- Recordable video, focal length 20 to 280 mm (1 to 11 Inches)

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