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April 10, 2012

Incorrect path for CCK FileField

Strange bug that give an uploaded file the incorrect path for a time. To recreate:

1. Upload a file to a node. Will get a path like this:


2. Save. Path remains:


3. Now go into Edit mode. The path is now correct:


Related issues on Drupal.org

It is the fault of FileField Paths.

File name replacement pattern does not work anymore (CCK + FileField) but after second saving

Node links to original file path after creation until the node is saved again

FileField Paths 2.x (currently in internal development) is reverting back to the original method of using the CCK widgets fields to store the data instead of using the FileField Paths database table, which will fix this issue and a few others at the same time.

Agileware proposes a solution: change the module weights (how? IDK).

Hefox proposes a patch (with rave reviews).


Fixed in the dev version of FileField Paths. The stable version is now 2+ years old!!!!!!!!!

Posted by kkwaiser at April 10, 2012 04:33 PM


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