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May 15, 2012

British data software


Other new features in v3.0 include:

- Ability to share plans, and to edit them jointly with colleagues
- Simultaneous viewing of multiple custom guidance notes
- More flexible project stages (phases) for templates
- User maintainable profile/login details
- XLSX output

Over the coming months we will be rolling out a number of additional features, and further announcements will flag their release:

- A facility for boilerplate text to be included within templates
- Display of funder constraints on output (e.g. number of pages, word count etc)
- Increased institutional customisability, including a new ‘administrator’ user type
- Support for non-English Language versions of the tool


DataStage is a secure personalized 'local' file management environment for use at the research group level, appearing as a mapped drive on the end-user's computer.

It can be deployed on a local server, or on an institutional or commercial cloud. Once the software has been installed on the server, there is no additional software for the end-user to install


DataBank is a scalable data repository designed for institutional deployment.

DataBank will provide a definitive, sustainable, referenceable location for (potentially large) research datasets and allow researchers to store, reference, manage and discover datasets.

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