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October 11, 2012

NOy vs NOx vs NOz vs NO2 vs NO

Chemists and their notations. Here's to hoping the definitions I found are used across the board.

NOx - Sum of NO and NO2
NOy - Sum of NOx and other reactive nitrogen compounds
NOz - NOy - NOx

Source: Recommended methods for Ambient Air Monitoring of NO, NO2, NOy, and Individual NOz Species

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October 02, 2012

Copy data from 1 table to another

Upon getting rid of the Institution lookup field in favor of a simple text field, I wanted to migrate the existing Institutions to the new field prior to deleting the old. Here is the syntax to update a database table field with values drawn from another field in the same statement:

UPDATE drupal_content_type_housing_application
LEFT JOIN drupal_node
ON drupal_content_type_housing_application.field_housing_inst_affil_nid=drupal_node.nid

SET drupal_content_type_housing_application.field_app_inst_affil_value = drupal_node.title

WHERE drupal_node.nid=drupal_content_type_housing_application.field_housing_inst_affil_nid

h/t devshed

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Removing autocomplete fields from Housing application

A log:

1. Add new Institutional Affiliation text field to housing application. field_app_inst_affil

2. Modify permissions to grant anonymous user's edit permissions

3. Set default to include personal information for logged in users.

4. Add new field to housing reports

5. Remove old field from housing reports.

6. Delete old field from content type

7. Modify auto-emails?

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