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October 18, 2012

Recurring Updates to Drupal Modules

*Highjacking my own blog post*

Patch Drupal Core
Drupal 6 doesn't like empty, required radio buttons and this causes problems when using the Conditional Fields module. The patch here, allows the form validation to ignore required, hidden and empty radio-button fields. Patch at line 700. Referencing post is here.

Apply this patch (at least until the editor is finally patched) to avoid the addition of
tags into blank paragraphs

I've heavily customized this theme so any updates should be done very carefully. Unfortunately, I haven't thought about this much and don't know what the best approach to updating it will be. Right now, I just hope no updates come out.

When new versions of this module come out the print/lib/dompdf/ folder needs to be replaced. This library allows for pages to be printed as PDF.

Another module with a library that needs to be replaced. I recommend copying the original library into the new module folder. smtp/phpmailer/

There are two changes that need to be made to biblio files everytime the module is updated:

1. Change the appears of the export links:

"Tagged to Endnote"
line 922 954
function _build_biblio_tagged_link($base, $nid) {

"RTF to RichText"
line 912 943
function _build_biblio_rtf_link($base, $nid) {

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