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December 18, 2012

Recurring Updates to Drupal Modules

*Highjacking my own blog post*

Patch Drupal Core
Drupal 6 doesn't like empty, required radio buttons and this causes problems when using the Conditional Fields module. The patch here, allows the form validation to ignore required, hidden and empty radio-button fields. Patch at line 700. Referencing post is here.

If, after updating WYSIWYG, the biography field when adding a new Person (/node/add/person) is autopopulated with a break tag apply this patch (at least until the editor is finally patched) to avoid the addition of
tags into blank paragraphs.
- Create a text file containing the patch (para_fix.diff)
- SFTP it into the wysiwyg root directory
- Apply it $ patch -p0 < para_fix.diff

I've heavily customized this theme so any updates should be done very carefully. Unfortunately, I haven't thought about this much and don't know what the best approach to updating it will be. Right now, I just hope no updates come out.

When new versions of this module come out the print/lib/dompdf/ folder needs to be replaced. This library allows for pages to be printed as PDF.

Another module with a library that needs to be replaced. I recommend copying the original library into the new module folder. smtp/phpmailer/

There are two changes that need to be made to biblio files everytime the module is updated:

1. Change the appears of the export links:

"Tagged to Endnote"
line 922 954
function _build_biblio_tagged_link($base, $nid) {

"RTF to RichText"
line 912 943
function _build_biblio_rtf_link($base, $nid) {

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