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June 28, 2013

Getting started with ODK - Build a Survey

Once ODK Aggregate is set up, the next step is to build a survey form.

The simplest way to build a test form is to use Build which is a offers a GUI platform via a website that builds the xml spec for you. For more complicated forms the suggestion is to use XLSForm which allows you to specify the form via an Excel form and then convert that to the required XML.

Copy and paste the instructions:

Using the Application

1. Please read all the instructions and notes before beginning.
2. Go to http://build.opendatakit.org and sign in.
3. Add a new prompt, by dragging the elements from the bottom of the screen onto the blank canvas.
4. For each prompt, modify its properties on the right portion of the screen.
5. Prompts can also be rearranged through drag and drop.
6. When the form is finished, go to the File menu, Save and then Export to XML.

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