April 04, 2011

Notes on Scratchpads

The proposal idea I sent to the UM Herbarium involves a natural history application of Drupal called Scratchpads. I am really not big on the name but here are a few notes from a paper they published:

- Sandbox site with login

- List of all modules used by scratchpads.

- Paper: Scratchpads: a data-publishing framework to build, share and manage information on the diversity of life


Left And Right, a module for revamping large taxonomies. You must replace the "taxonomy.module"

Can take in taxonomic vocabs from EOL. "This service supplies terms and associated
metadata (authority, rank and synonymy) in an RDF representation of the Taxonomic Concept Schema" see below for screenshots.


Character project - didn't expect this, don't know what it is. Associate matrix data with taxa nodes? Here's a better writeup the following screenshot:

iSpecies Cache - custom module (?) for caching data from web services

Location and Specimen -> we've known about these for a while. DarwinCore implementation for collections.

Phylogenetic tree - Display widget for improved viewing of large taxonomic trees

Auto Tagging - uses the drupa module

EOL's classification module - "Written by EOL, this improves the management of taxonomic classifications."


Screenshots of the taxonomic import screen from Scratchpads Sandbox site:
- I've requested information on the module dependencies for this functionality.
- Once you log in with the test information, create an empty vocabulary and go to Import.

(right-click > view image to embiggen)

And here's the product:

(right-click > view image to embiggen)

Once you populate a taxonomy, the Scratchpad will create a page aggregated information for the terms. For example, here is the page for Amorpha canescens. Note, that I created a specimen record for Amorpha canescens (a plant I am familiar with from my bee-studying days.)

(right-click > view image to embiggen)

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March 28, 2011

Overlap between UM and UMBS Herbariums

I am in the process of exploring a Biological Research Collections (NSF) grant that would see us partnering with the UM Herbarium to digitize portions of our herbarium collection. For now, we have focused in on Howard Crum's collection (Bryophytes) as a potential starting point due to historical importance and a belief that the UM Herbarium does not have these items in its collection.

To test this latter assumption, I sampled 50 records from our Bryophyte collection and searched the UM Herbarium's collection of Bryophytes that were collected by Howard Crum to see how many matches we had. A large number of matches would indicate high overlap and decrease the uniqueness of our collection. I hope those unedited explanations make sense.

Here are the numbers:

2% - percent of matching records (i.e., one) that I found.
44% - percent of UMBS records I encountered that were not collected by H. Crum (22/50)
5 - Number of times the UM Herbarium had items from the same date and location as a UMBS record but did not have the same specimen

Conclusion, a quick glance indicates the UMBS Bryophyte collection is not represented within the UM Herbarium.

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