April 08, 2010

Subsites and path auto

I'm beginning to have second thoughts about using the subsites module because it does not jive well with my goal of being able to upgrade to Drupal 7 when it is ready. I have a feeling we may lose a lot of progress.

Where's that put us? Dunno. But the path auto module looks strong (depends on the token module) and we'll need it eventually anyways. That would allow a specific url for a research project.

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February 17, 2010

Building secondary websites (aka subsites)

This is the first "How to" post related to the development of websites focused on research themes within the Biological Station.

These Drupal modules look helpful:

the Subsites Module appears to be the most promising in terms of allowing for distinct themes and navigation with a minimum of additional complications. Notice, however, that its usage and time-of-existence stats aren't great.

Using Sections or Context seem to be more advanced options and at this time I do not plan on pursuing them.

Organic Groups is a means of managing users (I believe!) and their ability to post and edit materials. Again, more than we need but different themes for different groups are an option.

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